exhibtion view on CITIES ON THE MOVE- We Can't Forget How To Move, Aug 2022, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

The Food of Pagpda

2022, fabric, cotton, thread, cecment, raw rice

             While on a two-week residency in Bangkok, Thailand, I was surprised to find that the common utensils used in Thailand are forks and spoons, even when eating dry stir-fried noodles. Since chopsticks are the main utensils served in Thai restaurants in both European and Asian countries, I was interested in the difference in perceptions of custom, especially why Thailand, a country that has never been colonized, would use such utensils as the main utensils that do not fit the local cuisine. Further to understand that even though Thailand was a non-colonized country, it was also deeply affected by post-colonialism. And I began to research what could have caused this phenomenon, why the king was keen to adopt this westernised habit, and how the influence of this imperialist history lingers in everyday life.

Pagoda is an Asian tiered tower with multiple eaves common to Asia contry, Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most often Buddhist but sometimes Taoist. Nowadays it is usually used as a ritual hall that is not open to the public, where important sutras or statues of Buddha are placed inside.

In the final work, I aim to highlight the importance of rice in how it has changed the structure of land, economy and people throughout East Asian countries, and playfully use rice in combination with the religious and historical context of Thailand.