~ Bonsai

ceramic, glaze, engobe, 2023

  I am fascinated by the traditional Japanese art form of bonsai. The idea of cultivating a small tree to mimic the beauty and complexity of a full-sized tree is truly inspiring. However, as I studied more about bonsai, I began to realize how much control and manipulation is involved in creating these miniature works of art. This led me to create my own interpretation of a bonsai, one that celebrates its beauty while adding a playful, whimsical twist.

              The Evergreen Bonsai is a playful and intricate work of ceramic art that features a small, artificial tree with exaggerated forms and bright, eye-catching colors. The twisted trunk and unusual shape of the leaves are  added to the sculpture's sense of artificiality and highlighting the human control and manipulation involved in cultivating bonsai.

              The sculpture is made entirely of ceramic and consists of three detachable and interchangeable parts: the leaves, trunk, and pot.