Installtion view at The very last words from the periphery II, SEP 2022, Zurich, Switzerland

Once Upon a Time~ 008-012, Ripple of Memory

2022, ceramic, engobe

                I created a questionnaire, and used it to collect information by asking people who live in Taiwan about their childhood memories in Taiwan. After a total of 32 interviews I selected five to be produced through a visual translator I had previously created.

The idea of water memory is that when you dissolve a substance in water, it still has the memory of the substance, no matter how many times you dilute the water afterward. Although the theory of water memory is still debated in the academic, I am fascinated by this romantic reading and its scientific connection.
Karesansui is a traditional Japanese technique of using dry landscapes to indicate water environment, and the dynamic flow of water. Karesansui gardens are not meant for strolling, but for contemplation; They are made for visitors to focus their gaze on as they consider the meaning of space. I want to use this expression to let the viewer enter into another way of seeing, and to show how individual memory has a place in the influx of collective memory, and to bring fluidity to the space and emphasize the slow flow and fragility of time through karesansui.