Naiwen Chou(b. 1994, Taipei, Taiwan)

                            Naiwen is a multi-disciplinary artist who specializes in sculpture, installation, and performance. She received her BFA in sculpture from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan and is currently pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts from Zurich University of the Arts.

Her art practice is deeply rooted in her childhood memories and experiences of living as a legal alien in foreign countries. She explores themes of identity and personal narrative in collective memories, encouraging viewers to connect with their own experiences. Her work challenges conventional notions of positioning within physical space and society, creating a space for reflection and connection with the broader community.

She is inspired by objects and situations from daily life, abstracting and reconstructing personal narratives to record memories. Through her sculptures, installations, and performances, she sparks conversations about the complexities of navigating identity in our ever-changing world.