Once Upon a Time~
001-007, 2022

                  Memory is the CORE of our "existence". Memories form our identities, relationships, expectations and past. A memory of eating ice cream with my grandma, first time fall in love with someone, best breakfast Ive ever had in a warm and sunny morning  etc. Memoreis can be personal but it also can be general, they carry the history of a nation, the progress of the human race and social development of eras. However, there are memories that are so fragile that it could fade over time, even  though some of them may only subconscious effect my behaviours, but I believe all of them construct who I am, how I think and defines my own existence.

To explore the form of my existence, I have created a visual translator that could converts my memories into physical objects. After going through process of recall, recovery and reconstruction the memories, the shapes, materials and textures  would be defined by the emotions and feelings from the memories.