Performance view on  ACT Performance Festival, Dispo, black box, duration 25 mins,
May 2022, Biel, Switzerland

Being a canvas

2022, fabric, cotton, ceramic,
performance duration: 25 mins

                          The aim is to explore the weight of words. By objectifying oneself as a canvas, it emphasizes the behavioral patterns of human society that are forced to receive information.

Upon entering the room, the audience is presented with a request for instructions from the performer, who waits on a ceramic stage composed of ceramic pieces and gives no feedback to the viewer.

Aiming to create this unnatural one-sided pressure of command, but at the same time contradictory to the commanding party by blurring who is the one being commanded, and the work blocks two-way communication between the performer and the audience by depriving them of the visual senses on which humans rely on the most, leaving only breathing space for the performer and increasing the sense of oppression between them.

Performance view on public place in Biel, duration 25 mins, May 2022, Biel, Switzerland