Inatallation veiw of the exhibtion at 17. JUNGKUNST 2023, Oct 2023, Wintertur, Switzerland

Photo credit: Lei Tuo

Once Upon a Time~ 17. JUNGKUNST 2023

2023, ceramic, engobe, sand

The concept of water memory adds another layer of depth to the exploration. It suggests that when a substance is dissolved in water, it retains the memory of that substance, regardless of subsequent dilutions. Although debated in academia, the artist is fascinated by this romantic reading and its scientific connection, further enhancing the complexity of the installation.

Additionally, the traditional Japanese technique of Karesansui, or dry landscape gardening, is incorporated into the exhibition. These landscapes evoke the dynamic flow of water and are designed for contemplation rather than strolling. Through this expression, the viewer is encouraged to adopt another way of seeing, recognizing the intertwining of individual and collective memory while emphasizing the fluidity and fragility of time.