Performance view on  ACT Performance Festival, duration 30 mins,
May 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

Photo credit: Tuo Lei

Flower in a greenhouse

2023, plastic film, air
performance duration: 30 mins

       In Chinese context, 'hot house flowers' typically refer to flowers grown in greenhouses, which are carefully cultivated in controlled environments to achieve a more delicate and beautiful appearance, but lack the natural charm and vitality of wild flowers. This metaphor is often used to describe individuals who have grown up in sheltered and protected environments, lacking the experience of facing external challenges and difficulties, leading to a lack of independence and adaptability to the real world.I hope to use this metaphor to bring out my background and further explore the meaning of a greenhouse in different cultures and backgrounds, as well as how a greenhouse can further serve as a metaphor.

              This transparent inflatable sculpture shaped like a mushroom, symbolizing diversity and continuous growth, as well as using the mushroom to highlight the metaphor of mycelial networks in this work. Mycelial networks can form symbiotic relationships with other organisms, such as the mycorrhizal networks formed with trees, and can support each other and resist external challenges and threats through close connections and information transmission. Similarly, human society also has similar "networks," such as families, social circles, and community organizations, which can provide support and help.

              However, in modern society, this kind of social network and connection is sometimes overwhelmed and replaced by personal pursuits and social standards, leading people to feel lonely and helpless when facing challenges and pressures. The piece highlights the importance of social connections and support, while reminding individuals to find a balance and avoid becoming isolated and fragile when striving for personal growth and facing challenges. Ultimately, this artwork aims to encourage the audience to slow down and reflect on their relationship with society, while exploring the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone. By observing the sculpture, viewers can contemplate different ways of thinking and how to protect themselves while expanding their comfort zone.