Performance view on  ACT Performance Festival, duration 30 mins,
May 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

Photo credit: Tuo Lei

Flower in a greenhouse

2023, plastic film, air
performance duration: 30 mins


"Flower in a Greenhouse," the sculpture crafted by the artist delves into the metaphor of 'greenhouse flowers' within the Chinese context, symbolizing individuals raised in sheltered environments, devoid of exposure to external challenges and lacking in independence and adaptability. This concept intrigued the artist, prompting an exploration of its broader significance across diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Taking the form of a transparent inflatable mushroom, the artwork visually represents diversity and growth. Inspired by nature's mycelial networks, which foster symbiotic relationships and support systems, the sculpture draws parallels to human society's reliance on familial and communal networks for sustenance and growth.

In today's world, the artist observes that the emphasis on individual pursuits often over shadows the importance of communal connections, resulting in feelings of isolation and vulnerability. "Flower in a Greenhouse" seeks to underscore the significance of social support and balance, encouraging viewers to contemplate their relationship with society and venture beyond their comfort zones.

Engagement with the sculpture invites viewers to explore alternative perspectives and strategies for personal growth. By fostering introspection and encouraging viewers to expand their horizons, "Flower in a Greenhouse" reinforces the notion of self-protection amidst the journey of self-discovery and societal integration.