Installation veiw of the exhibition METAMORPHING FAILURES at Modern Animal Gallery, July 2023, Zurich, Switzerland

Photo credit: Nicolas Duc


2023, fabric, cotton wool, paper, thread

   Naiwen Chou's in-situ installation, titled "10593," features 120 intricately hand-sewn stalagmites and stalactites that collectively give rise to a captivating cave-like structure. This artwork delves deeply into the exploration of the concept of time, and the title signifies the number of days she had lived when she initially exhibited this work. In the natural process of cave formation, the creation of stalactites typically demands an extensive period, often spanning several centuries. The natural growth rate of stalactites is nearly imperceptible, progressing at a rate of approximately 1 millimeter every ten years. In sharp contrast, Naiwen's lifetime is generally not of sufficient duration to facilitate the formation of stalactites. However, whether this period is deemed long or short depends not only on the unit of measurement but also on an individual's perception of time. When measured against the backdrop of natural geological processes, this time frame may indeed appear remarkably brief. Nevertheless, this represents the entirety of the time Naiwen Chou has experienced, endowing it with a distinct sense of continuity and personal experience. The rapid emergence of stalactites in contrast to an individual's life journey encapsulates the essence of "10593," encouraging viewers to reflect on the intricate interplay between art, time, and personal existence.