To be a Builder~ Collab

2023, ceramic, digital print

                  To be a Builder is a part of the publication 1/25(0)(0)°C, inspired by Rufous Hornero (red ovenbirds),  it is a collaborative project by Hangyan Chen and Naiwen Chou. We are deeply fascinated by this non-human architect and its remarkable nest.

These little architects work relentlessly for several weeks. They collect mud or dung, which they combine with different materials, such as straw, to create the mortar. Layer upon layer, they pile up the materials to create astonishing and unbelievable insulated birdhouses, providing shelter for the eggs.
We're making a conscious effort to move beyond a human-centered point of view and explore the world through the perspectives of other species.


Hangyan Chen, 
Naiwen Chou

Hangyan Chen

Hangyan Chen, Naiwen Chou